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Aiden Martinez
Aiden Martinez

Backyard Football 2002 Full Download __LINK__

You can play games with a group of virtual kids, some of whom are young versions of professional athletes, in the Backyard Sports series. In Backyard Football 2002, you get to play as miniature copies of real-life NFL stars, complete with full control of their running, passing, and kicking games.

backyard football 2002 full download

Humongous Entertainment's Backyard series returns with more kid-friendly football action in this release. Young versions of NFL superstars like Ricky Williams and Drew Bledsoe join the neighborhood kid characters, all in 3D-rendered versions new to this "2002" edition of the game. The computer AI is designed to offer a suitable challenge to players of various skill levels and young gamers with an Internet connection can connect to the Humongous Sports Network to compete against other human players online.

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Backyard Football, the third "Backyard" game, was developed by Humongous Entertainment and published by GT Interactive in 1999. In it, kids and professional football players as kids play football. There are three types of gameplay available in Backyard Football. The first one is a single game. At the single game screen, the player can select the field on which they wish to play, the weather (between sunny, where the players are able to run very quickly; rainy, in which the players are slowed somewhat and the ball is difficult to throw; and snowy, where players are slowed considerably), and the level of difficulty (between easy, medium, and hard), among various other minor settings. They then pick their team name, which can be any of the then-31 NFL teams and 10 backyard teams. When the team is chosen, a player would take turns choosing players with the CPU. There are a total of seven players on a team, two of which will be on the bench, while five get to see action. The statistics of a player in single game mode have no effect on a player's statistics in season play.




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