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Aiden Martinez
Aiden Martinez

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For me, it definitely helped that Okabe, our gateway into the world of Steins;Gate, starts out as an insufferable, delusional self-obsessed goon who transforms completely into someone desperately trying to save his friends by the end. It was a great way to demonstrate the scale of the events that took place and the toll this places upon one person, as well as being a great example of character development in general.

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Faris then meets up with the other lab mems - Daru, Mayuri and Suzuha in the Future Gadget Laboratory, as they go through a long process of discussion about Chat Noir's costume design. Mayuri promises to finish making the costume by tomorrow when they all reached toward an agreement. Faris goes back home and discovers her butler Kuroki is on phone with Tennouji, and later learns that the planned meeting for the union is canceled. The next day. Faris and Suzuha go to the lab and put on the Chat Noir heroine costume Mayuri made for them, and they both set foot into the city to investigate their first case - the Lizardmen legend. Faris' personality is drastically changed when she is in the Chat Noir costume, similar to that of Rumiho's (notably much more sensitive and aggressive). Chat Noir Faris proceeds to scatter flyers of MayQueen+NyanNyan all over the walkway to promote her business, which alarms Suzuha. As they move onto the next location in search of Lizardmen, Suzuha advises Faris to be more cautious (as Chat Noir Faris is unpredictable), Faris responds by giving Suzuha a hug for caring about her. This is where their relationship starts to grow.

Faris returns to the lab and sees several cop cars and firemen outside of the building, upon learning that Nae has gone missing she goes on a search by herself. Reminded of one of the Urban Legends, she goes on to investigate a park in which she finds Nae in an underground facility. Suzuha appears behind them and they make their way out to the surface. As the ceiling is about to crash Suzuha pushes both Nae and Faris aside to safety while sacrificing herself. The fire department and cops soon arrive on the scene and try to save Suzuha from the rubbers. But as they can't risk removing the rubbers casually as it could crush Suzuha's body buried under it. Faris volunteers to crawl inside the rubbers and save Suzuha from it. She succeeds in doing so and Suzuha is delivered to the hospital, but before Faris can pay her a final visit, Suzuha travels to the past with her time machine. Faris is then seen on the top of Radio Kaikan and Okabe came to deliver Suzuha's final messages for her - Since she is now honest about her feelings, she should have a good talk with her mother. Several days later Faris is now back in shape and started working in her cafe again, she decides to take the rest of the day off and goes back home to visit her mother who is now back in Akihabara to fulfill Suzuha's wish. But her mother informs her on the phone that they'll be having a guest over, although a bit disappointed that it's not just her and her mother alone Faris makes her way back. When she is home she is greeted by the "guest", who is revealed to be Suzuha now in her late 50s. Faris walks towards her and Suzuha does the same, and Suzuha apologizes for leaving without telling her goodbye decades ago. 041b061a72




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