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Groin Gorbachev
Groin Gorbachev

[S1E18] No Escape [VERIFIED]

Passing by the Office of Acquisitions, Kaz hears something, so he and CB go look. They find Flix, Orka, GL-N and Bitey hiding in a crate with food. Kaz asks them if they have any weapons, and Flix points out that if they did, they wouldn't be in here. They explain that this is their escape plan: they're going to have the First Order ship the crate to Flix's mother on Talivar, and they've been inside for a few days. Kaz tells them that, since the Colossus is mostly underwater, nothing is getting shipped anywhere. They still refuse to help, seeing fighting the First Order as a bad decision, and retreat to the crate. Leaving, Kaz and CB are discovered by Buggles, and Kaz quickly realizes that the Voorpak wants them to follow him. On the way, Kaz gets contacted by Neeku, who tells him about the hyperdrive and thrusters they discovered, meaning they could launch the Colossus into space. Kaz tells Neeku to get started on that, and Neeku responds that getting ships launched is his job. After signing off, he notes to himself that some of those ships didn't stay launched. Buggles leads Kaz and CB to where Torra is hiding inside a maintenance tunnel. She tells Kaz that her father's been arrested. During the conversation, they are discovered by a First Order ball droid, and Kaz orders CB to take it out. She does so by damaging its vision sensor before tricking it into falling into an elevator shaft. CB returns to the maintenance shaft just before a squad of stormtroopers, summoned by the droid, runs by. Torra tells Kaz that they can get into the tower via the incinerator shafts, and unlike last time, she's confirmed that the incinerator is definitely off.

[S1E18] No Escape

At that location, four soldiers engage in combat with the Female Titan. Darius Baer Walbrunn shoots a black smoke signal towards it, stopping it in its running. He then orders the rest of the soldiers to attack, thinking that their target cannot defend against three simultaneous strikes. However, the Female Titan jumps and crushes two soldiers, one against a building and one on the ground under her foot with the third one being killed by the Female Titan spinning him on his wire so fast the inertia breaks his spine and folds him. Darius tries to escape in order to warn everyone of this Titan, but it catches up with him and kills him by kicking him and his horse into the air. Two more soldiers notice this and head towards the Female Titan in an attempt to stop it, just to lead to more casualties.

On the Enterprise, Spock has Scotty beam up everything that is considered a life form within the life-supporting zone on the planet. In Trelane's castle, McCoy informs Kirk that he is receiving a transporter signal through his communicator. The landing party is about to be beamed up to the ship. Trelane, furious that his "guests" are departing, shouts to Kirk, "Wait, I won't have this! I haven't dismissed you yet! Stop! I won't have this!" Back aboard the Enterprise, an escape attempt is then underway. However, this only lasts a few brief moments before Trelane appears on the bridge. He immediately develops a dislike for Spock, since Kirk announced Trelane's "party" was over thanks to Spock prior to being beamed up. "I have a perfectly enchanting sojourn on Gothos planned for all of you", he states. Suddenly, Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, DeSalle, Jaeger, Sulu, and Yeoman Ross find themselves in Trelane's drawing room, with a large dining table set up. DeSalle tries to attack Trelane but is frozen. After Kirk demands Trelane release him, he does. "We haven't even got our phasers", Sulu quietly reminds the navigator.

During the duel, Trelane delopes (throws away his shot) and invites Kirk to shoot at him. "And now, captain, my fate is in your hands." Kirk takes aim at Trelane and instead shoots the large mirror behind Trelane. Kirk's guess is right; intricate machinery behind the mirror is destroyed, and much of Trelane's creation collapses, enabling the landing party to escape and flee Gothos. Trelane is enraged. "Go back! Go back to your ship, all of you! And prepare, you're all dead men. You especially, captain." Trelane goes toward his mirror and disappears. Kirk flips open his communicator and contacts the Enterprise to beam all of them up.

After complaining to Richard that they could not get a refund, he says he will handle the problem. He puts on a biker jacket, draws a tattoo, and grows a mustache to look intimidating, then goes to the shop to try and intimidate Larry into giving him a refund. When that fails, he places the game on the counter and takes money from the cash register, which calls out the manager. Larry manages to escape, but Richard and the boys are trapped. The shadow on the door shows a frightening, large puffy monster, but the door opens and reveals a small, cute bear as the manager.

During the reception, Dan notices Serena picking at her food. He asks to go somewhere quiet for them to talk and she excuses herself for air. Across the room, security informs Chuck about Howard leaving and he immediately tells Nate, who brushes the information off. He tries again and explains about the deal he saw earlier. Nate realizes he's being serious and goes outside to see what's going on. Outside, Nate catches Howard's car leaving and demands to know what he's doing. Howard gets out of the car and says he left him a note at home apologizing for what he's about to do. He shows a fake passport and reveals he's headed to Dominica to escape the impending trial, which will certainly indict him; as he's guilty. Nate asks about Anne and Howard says she's paying for his private plane out of the country. He then punches Howard in the face, and says it's for Anne. Back inside, Blair sits next to Vanessa and says she feels sorry for her, knowing that dating an Archibald is hard. Eric approaches and asks if they know where Chuck is, since it's time for his speech. Vanessa excuses herself to look for him and finds him outside with Nate. He thanks Chuck for telling him about his dad, then apologizes for everything. He also says he's never heard him say he loves anyone, so he's surprised he heard he said it to Blair. Chuck asks if he's headed back in, and Nate admits he doesn't want to go back. Vanessa tells Chuck they're looking for him so he goes back inside. Once he does, Nate tells Vanessa its a long story and she smiles that she has time. Elsewhere, Dan finds Serena sitting alone. He sits next to her and she tearfully says she figured he hooked up with Georgina but she's willing to forgive him because she doesn't want their relationship to end. However, Dan breaks up with her anyway, reasoning that too much has happened for things to go back to the way they were. Back inside, Chuck gives a moving best man speech that he improvises after he's inspired by seeing Blair in the audience. Afterwards, they dance together and he asks her to take it slow. They kiss and leave together. Meanwhile, a wedding coordinator tells Dan and Serena to dance together and they do until they're the only ones left dancing.

Nikita and Owen go to London to retrieve one of Division's black boxes, but when he tells Nikita he plans on releasing its contents to the public, Nikita disagrees. Owen turns on her. Meanwhile in Division, Percy finds out that Nikita is in London and sends Michael to kill her. Amanda overhears Jaden arguing with Alex about the escape tunnels and hooks Alex up to a lie detector to get the truth from her once and for all.

Nikita and Owen find the black box guardian's storage unit, but the place is booby-trapped. They manage an escape before the unit is destroyed. Nikita discovers that Owen is acting strangely because he's in withdrawal. She notes by the tattoos on his body indicates that he's pushing himself to make up for his sins. Worse, he's still intending to release the contents of the black box to give the victims of Division resolution. Michael explains to Nikita over the phone that the pills Owen is on, Regiment, was discontinued by Division because of the psychotic efforts on the Cleaners, though Percy kept a stash for the Guardians. The effects are different for each person, with psychological obsession.

20 years ago, Mr. Hyunh lived in a small village in South Vietnam with his daughter named Mai. Despite his optimism, he was well aware of the war in the North growing closer and closer to his village, that he knew eventually the two had to leave home for a better life in America. During the mass chaos of refugees trying to escape the country, the U.S. soldiers could only make room for one more passenger on the helicopter. So Mr. Hyunh allowed Mai to escape to America for a better life, separating the family indefinitely. According to Mr. Hyunh, it took him about 20 years for him to immigrate to America and specifically chose this city since he heard the soldier say that he was taking Mai to that specific city. Unfortunately, the two have yet to meet and Mr. Hyunh's only desire is to see his daughter again to know that she is safe and happy.

Sydney has traveled to Mt. Subasio in Italy, following her underwater escape. She scales the mountain - thereby proving that she is not the subject of the Rambaldi prophecy - and once at the top, she uses a satellite phone to call the FBI and turn herself in.

Upon her return to the States, her father explains that the CIA is still investigating the Prophecy, but they are now searching for her mother. Jack also confirms that, according to a CIA investigation after Laura's car crash, a special commission concluded that she had escaped alive and that Sloane, who was on this committee, had been keeping the truth from him for many years.

Together, they make it to the basement and find Wexler's corpse. Suspecting that he swallowed the microchip to keep it hidden, they cut the chip out of the body. With enemy agents in hot pursuit, Sydney and Dixon extract Noah from Vienna and make their escape. 041b061a72




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