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Aiden Martinez
Aiden Martinez

Buy Apple Ipod Nano 7th Generation

The new 7th-generation nano still retains the three external buttons (on/off and volume), but the on/off button has moved to the top of the new nano. The new nano also picked up a home button similar to those on the iPod touch and the iPhone.

buy apple ipod nano 7th generation

Looking at the back of both nanos, you will also see that the new nano does not have a built-in clip like the older 6th generation does. The clip is one of the features I like on the 6th gen nano, and the clip, believe it or not, is a big selling point for me.

One of the nice surprises with the new nano is the included Apple EarPods. The original earphones for the first through 6th generations were simple in design and did not fit a large number of users comfortably. In my case, they started to hurt my ears after about 10 minutes of use. The newly designed EarPods seem to fit a lot better and are designed to fit a wider range of ear sizes. Although they are still not the most comfortable headphones I have used, they are great to throw in a bag for backup purposes.

While the operating systems for the 6th and 7th generation nanos are the same, the 7th did pick up Bluetooth and the ability to play videos. The Bluetooth integration, for me, is the most exciting aspect of the new 7th generation nano. With so many Bluetooth-compatible devices being made (headphones, speakers and even cars), you now have many more options and versatility for your music playback. As for the video playback feature, I tried it out and found it is nice to have, but with such a small screen size, I would not utilize this feature much. The resolution is nice for a small screen, and in a pinch, it is usable.

@ Reggie If you want a simple MP3 player that can be used with gloves the iPod shuffle may be a better choice for you. As to the battery issue you are having I know my 6th and 7th generation nanos can go at least a week without needing a charge, they get played for about 45 minutes a day.

i listen to recorded books on my ipod. the only problem with the 7th generation ipod nano is that there is no way to lock the device, so that when i pause listening, even with a minor accidental touch it often loses its location and moves to another part of the book, and then i spend some time seeking the exact place where i stopped.any idea on how to solve this annoying problem?

@psyp azy You can completely turn the device off by pressing and holding the power button on top of the nano for a few seconds until it starts to shut down (screen dims and a twirly wheel appears). To turn it back on, just press and hold the power button for a few seconds until the apple shows up on the screen. It takes a little longer to get started again, but it prevents the nano from being turned on accidentally and it saves battery, too.

The iPod Nano discarded the click wheel in the previous generation, and the 7th generation continues this trend, but adds the easily-identifiable home button to the front of the iPod, making the 7th generation iPod nano easily distinguishable from previous rectangle-shaped iPods.

iPod nano (7th generation)2012 colors2015 colorsDeveloperApple Inc.Generation7thReleasedSeptember 12, 2012DiscontinuedJuly 27, 2017List priceUS$ 149FeaturesFM radioScreen2.5 in. multi-touch displayStorage16 GBPortsLightning connector3.5 mm headphone jackWirelessBluetoothColors2012: pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, silver, slate2015: blue, pink, silver, gold, space grey, (PRODUCT)REDPredecessoriPod nano (6th generation)The 7th-generation iPod nano is a portable media player that was announced by Apple in a special event on September 12, 2012. It became available on the same day and was the final iPod nano model to be shipped by Apple.[1][2]

The new design featured a hybrid shape between the 2nd generation iPod nano and 5th generation iPod touch with a 2.5-inch screen that supported multi-touch gestures. Though the operating system superficially resembled iOS 6, it was still based on a customized version of Pixo, like earlier models. The app icons are based on iOS designs, except that they used circular shapes. New apps could not be downloaded from the Apple App Store. It also featured the newer Lightning connector and EarPods without the microphone and controls. 16 GB was the only storage capacity option, but it was initially available in 7 colors (pink, yellow, blue, green, purple, silver, and slate).[3]

The 7th generation nano was updated on July 15, 2015 with revised color options (blue, pink, silver, gold, space grey, and (PRODUCT)RED), in line with the colors of the 6th-generation iPod touch released at the same time, but all other specs remained the same.[3] On July 27, 2017, the iPod nano and shuffle lines were discontinued.[2] 041b061a72




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