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Celebrate with 30 Sec Happy Birthday Songs and Sound Effects

To Download Any birthday song for Mother you just have to scroll down. play and select any song that you like & just press that Download button to save that song in your phone storage.

happy birthday song download 30 sec


Wish your friends and family members a very happy birthday with these awesome creative birthday status video. Wish your loved ones with romantic birthday wishes and quotes videos on whatsapp status and instagram stories.

As people nowadays celebrating the birthday and wishing birthday directly on whatsapp status, we have collected some very beautiful and cheerful happy birthday status video so if you are searching for happy birthday video download, you can download it from our site. just click on any WhatsApp status video you want to download and it will start automatically. there are lots of birthday song status added daily so you can also download the latest short birthday videos for sharing on Whatsapp and Instagram.

With VEED, the range of video editing options allows you to make a super-personal birthday video. Filters, text, music, speed up, slow down, crop, trim, add photos, anything you need. You can create birthday party invitations, fun happy birthday videos, videos that remember all the past birthdays spent together - whatever you want. VEED lets you upload your own audio to add to your video as background music! Record a song, add your own mix, or your own voiceover, and much more! You can also remove unwanted background noise using our super-cool background noise remover. Use VEED to make videos for your friends and family and leave them impressed at your impeccable video editing skills!

VEED is so much more than just a video maker for birthdays! VEED can make amazing videos for any occasion - weddings, engagements, graduation, travel and holidays, you name it. Our video editing tools are free to use so you can create professional-looking videos even without a subscription. VEED is also a GIF maker and editor. Create animated GIFs from videos, including YouTube videos, and download them as GIF files. Add subtitles, text, images, audio and more! Compatible with all major devices and platforms - Macbook, Windows 10, Linus and mobile devices.

Songs with meaningful lyrics can affect people's emotions and the mood of any event. Adding birthday songs when making slideshows can help you deliver your message in a more exciting and unique manner. If you want to make a birthday video or slideshow more attractive or interesting, the best way is to add a song. In case you don't know where to find the best birthday song, we have gathered the 15 best birthday songs for you. Check it out!

Of course, "Happy Birthday to You" is the song we often hear during birthday parties. Aside from this classic song, there are other tunes that can be used as background music when creating birthday videos or slideshows. Song for birthday videos can really make your video funnier. Here is the list of birthday video songs. You can also visit the Wondershare Video Community to get more inspiration about making happy birthday videos.

Performed by The Beatles, "Birthday" was written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon. It was included in "The White Album" released in 1968. It's a song about having fun on one's birthday, so it totally can be background music for a birthday video.

Altered Images "Happy Birthday" is the group's most successful song. It peaked at number two on the UK pop singles chart. This best songs for birthday slideshow has the perfect combination of fast punky guitar and wonderful bass. It will bring out several emotions once you listen to it. It is perfect to add music for a birthday video presentation.

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Stevie Wonder's "Happy Birthday" was part of the campaign to celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. as a nationwide holiday. As one of the happy birthday background music, it was successful and today, the song is widely used for birthday celebrations. Stevie Wonder performed the song at the Diamond Jubilee Concert.

"Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen" is an upbeat song that goes well with the vibe of a 16th birthday celebration. Performed by Neil Sedaka, "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen" was Neil's 4th song to reach the top 10 pop hit.

"Birthday Sex" is Jeremih's debut single. It peaked at number one on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. "Birthday Sex" was written by Keith James and Jeremih. It is a birthday song for adults.

This minion rendition of the Happy Birthday song is amazingly cute and anyone would love to play it for their close ones. It was created using YouTube video editor and was published on September 14, 2015. This video has more than 24k subscribers with 22k likes and 13,128,373 views. The minion singing happy birthday and balloons flying around with hearts backdrop make it one of the best birthday video songs.

Published in the year 2009, this is one of the birthday video songs that can surely bring a smile to your face. The video has 4 men singing happy birthday in a funny way and wishing you heartily. It garnered 469,588 views and 1.7k views.

It is a birthday video published in 2014. By now, it has gained 71,872,196 views. Unbelievable! In this song, Ketty Perry dresses up a clown to celebrate the children's birthday. When Ketty tells them the truth, children are extremely excited.

It is a funny birthday video song made by The Next Step Performing Arts. The two brothers were dancing all day with their friends at home when their grandmother slept. In the end, grandmother also joined with them to have fun. LOL!

Chris Brown remixes Rihanna's Birthday Cake. He made this birthday video song to have fun. In this video, the singer uses a superpower to be able to dance with Rihanna. The whole effect is interesting.

It is a birthday bong album that you can play for your kids. This video, it includes nine happy birthday songs. It is the most beautiful kid's birthday song. It also has 3D animation for playing. You kids will like it!

The music was released on the phonographic records during those times and was used as a medium of entertainment at houses or public places. Even today, the genre of this music is practiced and followed by people. This genre is often infused with many other genres of popular music, to produce unique and good songs. And due to this fact, the tracks and melodies of the 30s music are available online that you can easily listen and download.

Here, you can get the royalty free music from the 30s in a great variety and options. You can simply download the mp3 wav format of the songs and can good quality tracks for any use. Thus, this rare genre of music can be enjoyed and utilized as per the suitability.

Birthday is the special day for every one of us. We expect our loved ones to wish us the first. Your birthday makes you feel special on that day and wishes are pouring in from your loved ones, friends, colleagues, family etc. You are just waiting for the best wish you ever got. Some wishes you get touch your heart so much so that you save that message or video.With technology it becomes easy to wish your loved one a very happy birthday by downloading birthday status video. This video can be about their personality, what they like, funny situations etc. The basic idea is to make your loved one happy on that very special day on his/her birthday.Gone are the days when only gifts were send in form of bouquets, favorite items, birthday cards with special messages or plain messages etc. Now technology has helped you create or download the birthday videos as per your choice and post them on your messaging app like WhatsApp.You get so many templates available for free/paid online that can be used to download or make birthday slide shows/videos. With lovely happy birthday e-cards you can make the birthday event for your loved ones even more special.

Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam romantic video song download for your new girlfriend on her special Happy Birthday. As a lover give your time to enjoy the happy birthday day with her. Pagalstatus is getting a bigger platform for new authentic status video for all purpose thought the year. So, your girlfriend will just be forced to think of you for your love feelings status video.

Aaj jashan manaye jaanye is a punjabi birthday fullmasti song for your bestfriend on this very happy birthday day by setting this whatsapp birthday status video. Please follow this link to see more new status video like Love Romantic Status Video.

Download this Happy birthday three cheers style video songs status on whatsapp to send among your friends. Your friend will feel so special that only you wish every year that no one does.




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