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Unique Gift Baskets UPD

Give the whole family the morning off with this seasonal gift basket which contains enough bountiful breakfast goodies to feed everyone, including muffins, pancake mix, and a cinnamon roll Christmas tree.

unique gift baskets

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This clever gift idea is suitable for so many occasions. Take a drink dispenser, fill it with wine, fruit, and maybe a mixer or two, to create a custom Sangria gift. Long after the delicious beverage has been consumed, the dispenser will live on for future parties.

The Extravaganza gift basket will have the foodie in your life drooling as they pore over the exquisite gifts hidden within, including such decadent delights as white truffle honey and Prosciutto-Stuffed Pepper Shooters.

When impressions really matter, send someone this Ultimate Dom Perignon gift basket which includes cheese, crackers, and delicate sweet treats, along with a bottle of Dom Perignon in a stylish 2-tiered vegan leather suitcase.

Help them celebrate the Christmas season in style with this classic Christmas gift basket. It has old time favorites like peanut brittle, caramel nut crunch, and peanuts done up several different ways. If they like to have company over for the holidays this has all of the crunchy and snacky things they can put out for guests.

Packaged inside an attractive fabric basket, this selection of foods will keep them satisfied for ages! With delicacies such as cookies, truffles, hummus, olives, crackers, and a selection of Ghirardelli chocolates, this hamper makes a wonderfully thoughtful gift for anyone who appreciates good food and tempting snacks.

For some people, bacon is life, and if you know such an individual, this is the perfect gift for them. With two types of bacon jerky, this kit also comes with bourbon bacon seasoning complete with grinder, bacon peanut brittle, and hot pepper bacon jam. Crowbar included to open the wooden crate.

The CraveBox Care Package is the ideal gift for students, employees, or anyone who prefers to graze. With an incredible 45 pieces included, this crate includes cookies, candies, chips, and crackers, along with a multitude of other indulgent snacks that are too many to mention!

You can never go wrong with the gift of coffee. Check out this idea for creating your own coffee basket including mugs, to-go cups, sugar, creamer, stir sticks, sweet treats, and of course, coffee. This makes a thoughtful and elegant hostess gift or for any occasion.

Everyone loves a gift basket of tasty items. Fill it with coffee beans and homemade pancake mix and you have a winning combination that will win you the title of Best Gift Giver Ever. This tutorial gives you ideas and recipes for how to create your own special gift.

Candles make such wonderful gifts as they create a relaxing ambience while adding a delightful fragrance to the home. This set of six BeKind candles are made from soy wax and infused with natural botanicals, herbs, and flowers, with each one boasting a burning time of approx. 18-20 hours.

Spa-themed baskets can be pricey, but they are an ideal way to let someone know how much you care about them. Check out these suggestions for making your own for a fraction of the cost. The fact that you can customize it with their personal favorites makes it extra special.

Dan the Sausageman has over 30 years of experience in producing quality foods, and it shows in this delicious gift hamper. Absolutely perfect for a picnic outdoors or in, this hamper contains summer sausage, smoked salmon, cheese, crackers, nuts, hot mustard, and chocolate covered cherries for a sweet treat.

Those with a sweet tooth will be catered for just as well as those who prefer savory with this gourmet gift basket. Absolutely brimming with flavor, this basket will bring them goodies such as vanilla fudge, pretzel sticks, tomato cheese baguettes, lava cake truffles, and many more decadent delights.

Make a gift basket as special as the woman you give it to. Check out this blog post for ideas on creating a spa basket that is sure to delight. From bathrobes and fluffy towels to aromatherapy candles and bath salts, this is a gift that will let them know how much you love them.

Keep someone sweet without buying candy by choosing this beautiful gift set instead. Packed with twelve delicious varieties of dried fruit and nuts, this colorful selection will take center stage on any table. Certified kosher and non-dairy, it makes a wonderful alternative to candy and chocolate.

Can't decide between red or white wine or have friends who prefer white and others who prefer red? Everyone deserves a gift they'll love! Show them how much you care and give them a bottle of both. Our Wine Gift Crate Duo is the perfect compromise for your favorite grape conflicted couple!

Why they're cool: Firstly, the seemingly infinite variety of gifts means that there's really something for everyone. Secondly, you can buy something like the pasta set pictured above, and doesn't that sound delicious.

Why they're cool: Vosges Haut Chocolat was female-founded by Katrina Markoff, a renowned chocolatier with an impressive culinary background in the U.S., France, Spain, Asia, and Australia. She ethically sources her ingredients and creates chocolates that look as unique as they taste (which is delicious, BTW).

Why they're cool: Whether you want to curate a thoughtful gift for someone or send something wow-worthy in a pinch, Giften Market has a seemingly endless selection of goodies to choose from. Their buildable boxes give you free rein to showcase your niche gifting skills, but their pre-made sets still offer a unique variety, with something for all interests.

Why they're cool: Amazon truly is the one-stop-shop that has something for everyone. They offer gift baskets ranging from food, toy, pet, spa, and outdoor sets, along with many other varieties.

Julia is the Assistant Commerce Editor at The Spruce, covering all things toys, gifts, and holiday. She studied English and minored in Journalism and Gender and Sexuality Studies at New York University.

For some companies like Knack, where customization is their specialty, yes. At Tasty Ribbon, you can build a box from scratch for a completely personalized experience. Others like Basketry allow you to add a gift message to your box or basket to send a special message to your boss, neighbor, friend, or spouse.

Some even allow for other special add-ons including packaging options like bows and ribbons, embroidered liners for baskets, or additional items. For an even more personalized gift, turn to companies like Stonewall Kitchen which allow buyers to design their own breakfast gift basket from scratch so gifters can choose the perfect items for their recipient.

Gift baskets often include a lot of packaging, which may make them not the most sustainable choice. However, many companies including Levain and Stonewall Kitchen use recycled or sustainable packaging on all of their products. Sellers often list on their website if they are committed to sustainability. However, most packaging used on gift baskets can be recycled.

For the friend or family member that loves meat, consider sending them this Harry & David gift box that comes with plenty of delicious meats, cheeses, and crackers, plus the ideal condiments to round them out.

Bring a delicious brunch right to their doorstep with this thoughtful berry breakfast gift box. It comes with cherry blossom, blueberry and cranberry English muffins, apple cranberry scones and tons more.

No holiday season is complete without a few hot chocolate nights! This gift box comes with two hot cocoa mixes with mini marshmallows, two ceramic mugs, a North pole sugar cookie mix and candy cane mint brownie mix.

Beautifully decorated and neatly arranged gift baskets piled high with delicious gourmet treats are a wonderful surprise for family, friends, teachers, coworkers and your loved ones. Filled with a diverse selection of specialty Christmas food and drink favorites to wow the lucky recipient, our unique gift baskets are pre-assembled for a gorgeous presentation that saves you time and effort during the busy winter months. Once you've decided on the lucky recipient's Christmas basket, you can always add in a World Market gift card to show how much you truly appreciate them.

Gift baskets get a bad rap, and many deserve it for their uninspired or mismatched components: stale crackers, gritty chocolate, Red Delicious apples that are anything but. We wanted to find the standout choices, gift baskets that would be delicious, beautiful, delightful, and comforting any time of year.

You may also like: Formaggio Kitchen gift baskets, which start at $75, are generous and come with ample fixings. Although we think the Jasper Hill Farm cheeses taste unique and make for an extra-special gift, the Formaggio Kitchen baskets are big enough to nibble on for a few days. The smallest-size Apprentice Cheese Bundle includes four cheeses, with the option to add on crackers, jam, or dried apricots. (Larger versions of this basket can include various additional items such as salami, olives, dried fruit, and almonds.)

You may also like: The Curio Spice Co. Culinary Essentials box ($32) includes common yet super-flavorful spices that your gift recipient will reach for daily. Curio toasts or grinds many of its spices in-house and sources spices from small, sustainable farms around the world, as well as locally in New England, where the company is based.

A matcha starter kit: The Ippodo Tea Essential Matcha Kit ($130) from the revered Japanese tea shop includes everything you need for a cup of matcha: 20 grams of grassy Horai matcha tea, a chawan (a matcha tea bowl), a bamboo tea ladle, a tea strainer, and a bamboo whisk with a stand. This set is as much about the experience of making tea as it is about drinking it, and Ippodo offers clear instructions on how to use each tool to make a correct cup. This is a special gift for someone who would appreciate the ritual and flavor of fine matcha, and the tools will last years if you care for them. But the quality does come with a high price tag. 041b061a72




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