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Aiden Martinez
Aiden Martinez

How to Master Pure Mathematics with Backhouse's Classic Textbook (PDF Download)

"while not perfect, it does contain several interesting problems which can be solved and also reproduces the expected results. it can be used for the first few hundred pages of a new course in mathematics."

Pure Mathematics By Backhouse Pdf Download

"this is a companion volume to new york: d. c. heath and company, ltd, 1966. this book is an attempt to give an introduction to some of the subjects presented in this book and more specifically, how they might be approached in a college mathematics course. they are presented as a sequence of problems which must be solved. each problem is well stated and a short solution is included. probably more than one reader will want to try these problems and the solutions. at the end of each problem the author's opinion on the solution is provided. i particularly like the problems and their solutions. the problems are not too difficult and, with the solutions, would be a challenge even to the advanced student."

"this is a companion volume to mathematics in school. it presents an excellent introduction to mathematical analysis for the secondary mathematics student and is directed to teachers of mathematics in the secondary school.

the author of pure mathematics 2 is john h backhouse. he was born in 1884 in london. he studied mathematics at cambridge university and was the winner of the smith's prize in 1925. he died in 1966 in cambridge at the age of 82 years old. his books have been translated into many languages including german, spanish and russian.

one of the best resources for learning pure mathematics 2 is this book. this book is presented as a serious exam preparation study guide which covers all of the material which will be on the exam. it does this by examining each topic from a different point of view. first, the book shows you how each topic is used and how you can apply its techniques in a wider range of real life situations. then the book looks at all the possible practical applications for each topic. last but not least, the book sets up study questions which ask you to look at the material in another way. this gives you one more chance to practice the material, which will make you even more confident on the exam.




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